Author: Tony

Snowman on Fort Lauderdale Beach

The City of Fort Lauderdale has erected a temporary “Snowman” on the beach near A1A and Las Olas Boulevard. The attraction has turned out to be a magnet for photo opportunities and a popular pic on social media.


Green Cay Wetlands Boynton Beach FL

Green Cay Wetlands (and Wakodahatchee Wetlands a few miles away) are both man-made “catch basins” for water that have been treated at water treatment plants in the Cities of Boynton Beach and Delray Beach respectively. These wetlands serve as home for many forms of wildlife and as observation and educational facilities for visitors.

Green Cay Wetlands has a 1.5 boardwalk that is a great observation point for photographers and those who simply enjoy watching the wildlife. The boardwalk is wide enough for strollers and wheel chairs.

Green Cay Nature Center & Wetlands is located at 12800 Hagen Ranch Road, Boynton Beach, Florida. The boardwalk opens daily from 7 AM until sunset.

Here are some of the birds I saw on my first visit to Green Cay:

GreenCay-PalmWarbler_SFL49928 GreenCay-Merlin_SFL49994 GreenCay-Merlin_SFL50005
GreenCay-Anhinga_SFL49842 GreenCay-GreatEgret_SFL49940 GreenCay-WoodStork_SFL49946

Lauderhill Performing Arts Center

There once was a department store (Zayre or K-Mart) at the northeast corner of Sunrise Boulevard and State Road 7 in Lauderhill. That structure has long been demolished and very close by is a new performing arts center.

Close to Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium is the newly erected Lauderhill Performing Arts Center. The Center includes a state of the art, 1143-seat theatre, “an art gallery, meeting/classrooms, and banquet/reception facilities.” In the future visitors will be able to enjoy “music, theatre, dance, cinema, visual arts, education, conferences, workshops and other social gatherings.”

LauderhillPerformingArtsCenter_FB48422 LauderhillPerformingArtsCenter_FB48466 LauderhillPerformingArtsCenter_FB48344

Lake Worth Prefers Publix Phoenix Design

I thought all the Publix Phoenix design were gone except for one I see in Miami Beach. To my surprise I found this one in Lake Worth which was built recently. Clearly some prefer the classic design over the modern ones we see all over Florida.


Colee Hammock Park is a Quiet Spot in Fort Lauderdale

Tucked away on the south side of Las Olas Boulevard near 15th Avenue, is this small park called Colee Hammock Park. For many this park serves as a fitting “time out” from the hectic happenings in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

This is an open park with none of the facilities or exercise equipment found at the larger parks. There are benches that overlook New River and a few more under the trees. Here are a few images of the park taken early this Sunday morning.

ColeeHammockPark-Sign_47862 ColeeHammockPark-Shadows_48025 ColeeHammockPark-River_47973
ColeeHammockPark-East_47889 ColeeHammockPark-North_47994 ColeeHammockPark-SouthView_47879

A Pleasant Sunday Morning Around Town

I woke up early this morning to see the sun rise on Hollywood Beach and to check out a few locations in Fort Lauderdale. I will write another article about a park I visited for the first time. Before then here are 3 of the better images from this morning.

Sunrise-HollywoodBeach_SFL47806 FtLauderdale-A1AHiRises_SFL48049 ColeeHammockPark_SFL47892

The View from Virginia Key Beach

I was in downtown Miami a few days ago and decided to take a short ride over to Virginia Key. Before getting on the Rickenbacker Causeway I stopped at the beach on the south side of the road and took a few shots of the Miami skyline.

The photos I took on the other side of the causeway i.e. the barrier island of Virginia Key, were a little more pleasing probably because they included the beach, palm trees and the cloudy sky.

Here are three images I really liked.

Miami-VirginiaKeyBeach_TH47239 Miami-VirginiaKeyBeach_TH47213 PalmTrees-VirginiaKeyBeach_TH47249

The View from Riverwalk Linear Park

I was up early one Saturday morning to photograph sunrise on Hollywood Beach. After about an hour photographing sunrise and a few things on and around the Broadwalk, I headed for downtown Fort Lauderdale. I parked near Broward College/FAU and walked south to Riverwalk Linear Park.

Riverwalk Linear Park is a designated walking area on both sides of the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It is basically a well maintained walkway near shops, condominiums and shelters with benches. There are also electrical and a/c connections for the expensive boats that dock on the river.

Here are a few photos taken while strolling the Riverwalk.

NewRiver-Boats-Courthouse_TH44514 AndrewsAve-Bridge_TH44631 NewRiver-YachtClub-Boats_TH44552

An Early Morning Walk Along Hollywood Broadwalk

On Saturday October 10th I woke up early and headed for Hollywood Beach. hoping to catch sunrise. I parked on the 5th story of the Garfield Street Garage and set up my tripod next to my car. I wanted an elevated view of the sun rising above the horizon. There were clouds in the sky that blocked the view of the sun so I did not get a chance to see the sun as it was rising. I got some decent images but nothing spectacular.

I headed south on the Broadwalk to get some shots of the new Margaritaville Resort, the renovated bandshell and some images of people doing their thing. It’s surprising to see the number of people walking, jogging or cycling this early in the morning. However, the beach was fairly empty at that time.

Here are six images taken that morning.

HlwdBroadwalk-Subway_TH44418 HollywoodBroadwalkOct10_TH44377 HollywoodBeachOct10_TH44316
HollywoodBroadwalkOct10_TH44236 HollywoodBroadwalkOct10_TH44410 LandShark_TH44244

Sunrise at Dania Beach Pier

I truly believe that sunrise is one of nature’s finer gifts to man. There are so many things to like about a spectacular sunrise: the colors, the pattern of the clouds, the reflection on the water, the silhouettes of bathers and fishermen. Sunrises lift the spirits, calm the nerves and welcome in another day of life.

I wished I had a lot more sunrise images in my files but honestly it is difficult to wake up at 6:00 or 6:30 AM if I am not heading for work. At this time of the year I am taking advantage of the later sunrise times. On Sunday I went to Dania Beach knowing that there would be few clouds in the sky and I came away with these brilliant sunrise images. (Sunrise time was 7:15 AM.)

Sunrise Dania Beach Pier Sunrise-DaniaBeach_TH43875 Sunrise-DaniaBeach_TH43897