Sunrise at Dania Beach Pier

I truly believe that sunrise is one of nature’s finer gifts to man. There are so many things to like about a spectacular sunrise: the colors, the pattern of the clouds, the reflection on the water, the silhouettes of bathers and fishermen. Sunrises lift the spirits, calm the nerves and welcome in another day of life.

I wished I had a lot more sunrise images in my files but honestly it is difficult to wake up at 6:00 or 6:30 AM if I am not heading for work. At this time of the year I am taking advantage of the later sunrise times. On Sunday I went to Dania Beach knowing that there would be few clouds in the sky and I came away with these brilliant sunrise images. (Sunrise time was 7:15 AM.)

Sunrise Dania Beach Pier Sunrise-DaniaBeach_TH43875 Sunrise-DaniaBeach_TH43897

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