Month: December 2015

The View from Riverwalk Park

Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale is the organization that manages Riverwalk Linear Park. The park runs along the New River in Fort Lauderdale and offers spactacular views of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

I stopped by the western end of the park at lunch time and came away with some decent shots. Here are a few taken near The Performing Arts Centre.

Riverwalk-River-PerformingArts_SM50477 Riverwalk-Chair-Trail_SM50497 Riverwalk-Chair-River_SM50451

All Aboard Florida Fort Lauderdale

The construction of the Fort Lauderdale Station of All Aboard Florida started a few weeks ago. Here is what the site looks like today (Dec 11th). The second photo is of downtown Fort Lauderdale east of the construction site.

AllAboardFlorida-FtLauderdale_SM50359 Downtown-FtLauderdale_SM50400

The Quiet Part of Hollywood Beach

The population of South Florida has grown to 6 million recently and many locals have seen and felt the effects. The roads are more congested and access to popular attractions is more difficult.

Surprisingly many parks in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade are fairly quiet on weekdays. Hollywood North Beach Park at A1A and Sheridan Street is worth a visit if you have never been there. Just a few steps east of the park is Hollywood Beach. This part of Hollywood Beach is considered the “quiet end” by many because it does not get the traffic that is seen near the beach at Johnson Street. I like visiting early in the mornings or late in the afternoons. Stop by when you can.


Tower View at Anne Kolb Nature Center

Today was the day I was waiting for for weeks. It was a sunny and cool December day with few clouds in sight.

I was on A1A in Hollywood when I decided to stop by Anne Kolb Nature Center to get some photos from the observation tower. The view from about 70 feet up is spectacular on a clear sunny day. Here are some of the photos I took today while at Anne Kolb Nature Center.

AnneKolbNatureCtr_FB50276 AnneKolbNatureCtr-TowerView_FB50258 AnneKolbNatureCtr-TowerView_FB50229

Snowman on Fort Lauderdale Beach

The City of Fort Lauderdale has erected a temporary “Snowman” on the beach near A1A and Las Olas Boulevard. The attraction has turned out to be a magnet for photo opportunities and a popular pic on social media.