Month: May 2014

1936 Switcher Engine at Holiday Park

This train engine sits near the play area at Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale. Near the engine is a sign with the following written on it:

“Holiday Park’s historic Switcher Engine is number 1001-040 formerly in use at the Seaboard Railroad’s Fort Lauderdale yard and is perhaps the first switcher engine used in the city. Built by the Balwin Locomotive Company of Philadelphia, PA circa 1936, it appears to be steam driven, but was actually oil fired. Donated to the city of Fort Lauderdale by the Florida East Coast R.R. and the Seaboard Coastline R.R.”


Burrowing Owl at Central Park

I saw 2 roped-areas for Burrowing Owls at Central Park. I did not know if both are active so after waiting at one I checked on the one where I saw owls previously. I was pleased to see this little creature willing to pose for some very close-up images.


International Migratory Bird Day is Saturday May 10 2014

International Migratory Bird Day

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) celebrates and brings attention to bird migration, one of the most important and spectacular events in the Americas. IMBD began in 1993 and is now hosted at more than 600 sites from
Canada to Argentina. Environment for the Americas, with the collaboration of international sponsors and partners, fosters bird conservation education in the Western Hemisphere through International Migratory Bird Day.
When is IMBD?

Though IMBD can be celebrated any day, the official day in Canada & the United States is the second Saturday in May. In Latin America & the Caribbean it is usually celebrated the second Saturday in October. Because birds do not migrate on one single day, we encourage organizations to celebrate when it is best for their schedule and when birds are present. Prompting annual activities is one aspect of IMBD, but encouraging year-round awareness and education is the goal. Every day is Bird Day!



A Small Prairie at Fern Forest Nature Center

Prairies are vast stretches of flat grassland with moderate temperatures, moderate rainfall, and very little trees. The grasses on prairies usually have long roots that reach water very far down under the surface. The deep roots of prairie grasses hold the soil firmly in place and greatly reduce soil erosion.

Most prairies are found in mid-America in states like Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Many of these prairies or “Great Plains” are used for agriculture to grow wheat, oats and rye. (Source: National Geographic)

Fern Forest Nature Center in Broward County boasts a small prairie. It is not comparable to the huge grasslands in northern states but the characteristics of a prairie can be seen in this area. Here are images of this local prairie:

PrairieFernForest_TH4266 PrairieFernForest_TH4275 PrairieFernForest_TH4273

Birds Seen at Local Parks

The weather has been great the past month and I have been fortunate to get some “keepers” while visiting some local parks. Some of the better images include the following birds:

Red-Bellied Woodpecker (April 24)
Male Northern Cardinal (April 28)
Blue Jay (April 23)
Ovenbird (April 30)
Female Red-winged Blackbird (April 18)
Burrowing Owl (April 3)
Male American Redstart (April 23)
Male Red-winged Blackbird (April 18)
Male Common Yellowthroat (April 24)

RedBelliedWoodpecker_TH3500 Cardinal-TreeTops_TH3645 BlueJay-TreeTops_TH3394
Ovenbird_TH3955 RedWingBlackbird-Female_TH3227 BurrowingOwl-VistaView_TH2334
AmericanRedstart_TH3428 RedWingBlackbird_TH3230 CommonYellowthroat_TH3527

Pictures Taken at Alice C Wainwright Park

I read an article in the Miami Herald about hidden gems in Miami-Dade County. The article mentioned a little-known seaside park named Alice C Wainwright Park located close to U.S. 1 and S. Miami Avenue. The park sits among million dollar homes and overlook the bay near Key Biscayne.

I stopped by on my lunch break one day and came away with some great pictures. It was a sunny and windy day and the view was spectacular. Here are some of the images of the park and the view:

AliceWainwrightPark_TH3658 Bench-AliceWainwrightPark_TH3663 AliceWainwrightPark_TH3675
AliceWainwright_TH3794 AliceWainwright_TH3741 AliceWainwrightPark_TH3715