An Early Morning Walk Along Hollywood Broadwalk

On Saturday October 10th I woke up early and headed for Hollywood Beach. hoping to catch sunrise. I parked on the 5th story of the Garfield Street Garage and set up my tripod next to my car. I wanted an elevated view of the sun rising above the horizon. There were clouds in the sky that blocked the view of the sun so I did not get a chance to see the sun as it was rising. I got some decent images but nothing spectacular.

I headed south on the Broadwalk to get some shots of the new Margaritaville Resort, the renovated bandshell and some images of people doing their thing. It’s surprising to see the number of people walking, jogging or cycling this early in the morning. However, the beach was fairly empty at that time.

Here are six images taken that morning.

HlwdBroadwalk-Subway_TH44418 HollywoodBroadwalkOct10_TH44377 HollywoodBeachOct10_TH44316
HollywoodBroadwalkOct10_TH44236 HollywoodBroadwalkOct10_TH44410 LandShark_TH44244

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