Month: January 2015

A Drive Along The Beach

I was in Miami Beach today and snapped a picture of a hi-rise near City National Bank. I drove along A1A to Hollywood where I took photos of the beach. It was a cold day so there weren’t many beachgoers. Only our friends from the north seem to enjoy this kind of weather.

MiamiBeach-HiRise_TH8591 HollywoodBeach_TH8599 HollywoodBeach_TH8631

Another Fine Day at Vista View Park

Vista View Park is a hidden gem in Broward County. The park was previously a landfill which explains why there is a 70 feet elevation. Those looking for some physical exercise use the park to run, jog, cycle or simply walk the dog. There are two fishing decks at the park. This park is not known as a place for birdwatching, but occasionally you will see Burrowing Owls and egrets. The park is located near Griffin Road and I-75.

VistaView-Lake_TH8423 Egret-VistaView_TH8429 VistaView-LadyDog_TH38465

South FL Sunset at Vista View Park

Vista View Park in Davie Florida is a great place to watch the sun set because of the higher than normal elevation. The park is a former landfill with a maximum height of about 70 feet. The following photos where taken at the park on Saturday January 10th.

SunsetVistaPark_TH8278 SunsetVistaPark_TH8284

The First Park Visited in 2015: Miramar Pineland

I visited the Miramar Pineland Park early this morning hoping to see birds. I was disappointed but I stayed at the park for a little over a hour. Here are some of the images I captured. One of the photos is a covered structure on the south side of the park. From that structure (a gazebo?) I took photos of the park to the west, to the north and to the south where you see Sunlight Stadium. The Florida Turnpike runs near the south side of the park.

MiramarPineland_TH8176 MiramarPineland_TH8185 MiramarPineland_TH8201
MiramarPineland_TH8208 MiramarPineland_TH8206 MiramarPineland_TH8221