Zoo Miami Pictures

My first trip to Miami MetroZoo was about a year before Hurricane Andrew struck south Florida inĀ August 1992. The hurricane devastated the zoo and left it closed for months. One of its main attractions “Wings of Asia”was torn apart but miraculously most of its exotic birds were captured. According to an article in the LA Times

“Of 300 birds, including hornbills, Asian pheasants, fairy bluebirds and other rare specimens, zookeepers managed to capture 200 using rudimentary mesh cages with trap doors.”

Today the zoo renamed ZooMiami, is bigger and better that it was before “Andrew.” I have been there about 4 times since and enjoyed every minute except blistering nineties temperatures one July. Since then I have decided I will only visit during winter. (My last visit was on January 1 2014.)

Here are some of the better pictures I took while at ZooMiami.


A family of giant elands


A gorilla resting


African Elephant distinguished from Asian Elephant by larger ears and tusks


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