Pictures Taken at Alice C Wainwright Park

I read an article in the Miami Herald about hidden gems in Miami-Dade County. The article mentioned a little-known seaside park named Alice C Wainwright Park located close to U.S. 1 and S. Miami Avenue. The park sits among million dollar homes and overlook the bay near Key Biscayne.

I stopped by on my lunch break one day and came away with some great pictures. It was a sunny and windy day and the view was spectacular. Here are some of the images of the park and the view:

AliceWainwrightPark_TH3658 Bench-AliceWainwrightPark_TH3663 AliceWainwrightPark_TH3675
AliceWainwright_TH3794 AliceWainwright_TH3741 AliceWainwrightPark_TH3715

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