Miramar Pineland – A New Park in Broward County

Miramar Pineland Park opened in Broward County in March 2013. The park sits near the Broward-MiamiDade Countyline off University Drive in Miramar Florida.

The 157-acre park mainly features pine trees. It has a nature trail, a viewing deck and a small play area for children.

According to the County’s website some of the plants you will see “include common wild pine, giant wild pine, meadowbeauty, nodding clubmoss, pickerelweed, Everglades Key false buttonwood, wand goldenrod, buttonbush, wild coffee, giant orchid, seaside primrosewillow.”

Butterflies seen at the park “include blue dasher, soldier, giant swallowtail, cloudless sulphur, gulf fritillary, Julia, zebra longwing, white peacock.”

“Birds, both resident and migratory, include great blue heron, tricolor heron, common moorhen, black-throated blue warbler, American kestrel, palm warbler, ovenbird, yellow-throated warbler, American redstart, red-tailed hawk, loggerhead shrike.”

There is an interesting history related to the park that you can read here.

 MiramarPinelandEntrance_TH5947 MiramarPineland-Trail_TH6005 MiramarPineland-Benches_TH6050
  MiramarPineland-PineTree_TH6051 MiramarPineland-ViewingDeck_TH6067 MiramarPinelamd-PineTree_TH6115
Dove-MiramarPineland_TH6323  Spider-MiramarPineland_TH6337  PineLeaves-Miramar_TH6282

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