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Airport Greenbelt Park in Dania Beach a Great Place for Plane Spotting

Looking for a new place to spend a few minutes with friends, family or by yourself?

First, here are a few things to know about this little-known place. It is a park that covers about 30 acres. It has a well maintained grassy area and tress under which you can sit to have lunch. It also has a walking trail, a small lake/pond, and a viewing area from which you can watch planes takeoff and land.

The park is in the city of Dania Beach on the south side of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. It’s official name is Airport Greenbelt Park. You can enter the park off Griffin Road at 10th Avenue between I-95 and U.S Hwy 1.

One great feature of the park is its elevation. The park was originally build to act as a sound barrier between the airport and the residents on the south side of Griffin Road nearby. There are lots of trees to help buffer the noise from the planes especially on takeoffs. The view of the planes from the elevated viewing area or from the walking trail is better than the views at most airports.

Here are some of the images taken from the viewing area at the park.


Spirit-AirbusA320_TH8929 JetBlue-AirbusA320_TH8813 JetBlue-AirbusA320_TH8837
SilverAirways-Saab340_TH9015 Spirit-AirbusA319_TH9123 BAE125Series800A_TH8979

Another Fine Day at Vista View Park

Vista View Park is a hidden gem in Broward County. The park was previously a landfill which explains why there is a 70 feet elevation. Those looking for some physical exercise use the park to run, jog, cycle or simply walk the dog. There are two fishing decks at the park. This park is not known as a place for birdwatching, but occasionally you will see Burrowing Owls and egrets. The park is located near Griffin Road and I-75.

VistaView-Lake_TH8423 Egret-VistaView_TH8429 VistaView-LadyDog_TH38465

South FL Sunset at Vista View Park

Vista View Park in Davie Florida is a great place to watch the sun set because of the higher than normal elevation. The park is a former landfill with a maximum height of about 70 feet. The following photos where taken at the park on Saturday January 10th.

SunsetVistaPark_TH8278 SunsetVistaPark_TH8284

The First Park Visited in 2015: Miramar Pineland

I visited the Miramar Pineland Park early this morning hoping to see birds. I was disappointed but I stayed at the park for a little over a hour. Here are some of the images I captured. One of the photos is a covered structure on the south side of the park. From that structure (a gazebo?) I took photos of the park to the west, to the north and to the south where you see Sunlight Stadium. The Florida Turnpike runs near the south side of the park.

MiramarPineland_TH8176 MiramarPineland_TH8185 MiramarPineland_TH8201
MiramarPineland_TH8208 MiramarPineland_TH8206 MiramarPineland_TH8221

Miramar Pineland – A New Park in Broward County

Miramar Pineland Park opened in Broward County in March 2013. The park sits near the Broward-MiamiDade Countyline off University Drive in Miramar Florida.

The 157-acre park mainly features pine trees. It has a nature trail, a viewing deck and a small play area for children.

According to the County’s website some of the plants you will see “include common wild pine, giant wild pine, meadowbeauty, nodding clubmoss, pickerelweed, Everglades Key false buttonwood, wand goldenrod, buttonbush, wild coffee, giant orchid, seaside primrosewillow.”

Butterflies seen at the park “include blue dasher, soldier, giant swallowtail, cloudless sulphur, gulf fritillary, Julia, zebra longwing, white peacock.”

“Birds, both resident and migratory, include great blue heron, tricolor heron, common moorhen, black-throated blue warbler, American kestrel, palm warbler, ovenbird, yellow-throated warbler, American redstart, red-tailed hawk, loggerhead shrike.”

There is an interesting history related to the park that you can read here.

 MiramarPinelandEntrance_TH5947 MiramarPineland-Trail_TH6005 MiramarPineland-Benches_TH6050
  MiramarPineland-PineTree_TH6051 MiramarPineland-ViewingDeck_TH6067 MiramarPinelamd-PineTree_TH6115
Dove-MiramarPineland_TH6323  Spider-MiramarPineland_TH6337  PineLeaves-Miramar_TH6282

J C Bermudez Park in Doral

Amidst the “army” of restaurants, banks, hotels, distribution centers, warehouses, and other commercial interests in Doral, sits an “oasis” of relief: The J C Bermudez Park. The park is on west side of 87th Avenue between 25th Street and 36th Street.

J C Bermudez Park covers 82 acres of open green space and a scenic lake. There is a walking/jogging trail that measures just under a mile, a fitness area and a play area for children. There are also grills, tables for eating, and benches by the side of the lake for relaxing, spending time with a loved one or reading a good book. There are restrooms on the south side of the park.

According to the City of Doral the park is open from 7:00 AM to sunset weekdays and 8:00 AM to sunset on weekends and holidays. If you are in the area stop by, drive through the park and enjoy the view.

JC-BermudezPark_TH4389 JC-BermudezPark_TH4370
JC-BermudezPark_TH4354 JC-BermudezPark_TH4352

1936 Switcher Engine at Holiday Park

This train engine sits near the play area at Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale. Near the engine is a sign with the following written on it:

“Holiday Park’s historic Switcher Engine is number 1001-040 formerly in use at the Seaboard Railroad’s Fort Lauderdale yard and is perhaps the first switcher engine used in the city. Built by the Balwin Locomotive Company of Philadelphia, PA circa 1936, it appears to be steam driven, but was actually oil fired. Donated to the city of Fort Lauderdale by the Florida East Coast R.R. and the Seaboard Coastline R.R.”


Birds Seen at Local Parks

The weather has been great the past month and I have been fortunate to get some “keepers” while visiting some local parks. Some of the better images include the following birds:

Red-Bellied Woodpecker (April 24)
Male Northern Cardinal (April 28)
Blue Jay (April 23)
Ovenbird (April 30)
Female Red-winged Blackbird (April 18)
Burrowing Owl (April 3)
Male American Redstart (April 23)
Male Red-winged Blackbird (April 18)
Male Common Yellowthroat (April 24)

RedBelliedWoodpecker_TH3500 Cardinal-TreeTops_TH3645 BlueJay-TreeTops_TH3394
Ovenbird_TH3955 RedWingBlackbird-Female_TH3227 BurrowingOwl-VistaView_TH2334
AmericanRedstart_TH3428 RedWingBlackbird_TH3230 CommonYellowthroat_TH3527

Pictures Taken at Alice C Wainwright Park

I read an article in the Miami Herald about hidden gems in Miami-Dade County. The article mentioned a little-known seaside park named Alice C Wainwright Park located close to U.S. 1 and S. Miami Avenue. The park sits among million dollar homes and overlook the bay near Key Biscayne.

I stopped by on my lunch break one day and came away with some great pictures. It was a sunny and windy day and the view was spectacular. Here are some of the images of the park and the view:

AliceWainwrightPark_TH3658 Bench-AliceWainwrightPark_TH3663 AliceWainwrightPark_TH3675
AliceWainwright_TH3794 AliceWainwright_TH3741 AliceWainwrightPark_TH3715