The First Park Visited in 2015: Miramar Pineland

I visited the Miramar Pineland Park early this morning hoping to see birds. I was disappointed but I stayed at the park for a little over a hour. Here are some of the images I captured. One of the photos is a covered structure on the south side of the park. From that structure (a gazebo?) I took photos of the park to the west, to the north and to the south where you see Sunlight Stadium. The Florida Turnpike runs near the south side of the park.

MiramarPineland_TH8176 MiramarPineland_TH8185 MiramarPineland_TH8201
MiramarPineland_TH8208 MiramarPineland_TH8206 MiramarPineland_TH8221

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